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Heliotrope from Bakricono Shipyard

In 2004, the Lamprecht Family moves from South Africa to Thailand in order to start a new ship building business. The brains behind the venture combines the experience they had acquired in Africa and the results of their own R&D with the precious crafty know-how they were seeking in Asia

Initially, the reputation was built on their production of small leisure yachts. Soon, the word spread about the excellent craftsmanship of their tailor-made commercial vessels and their first “budget” yachts; moderately sized catamarans ideal for day-trips. Today, they are in high demand from the local maritime companies for their truly innovative 65 footers and the very high standard of their value-added services.

 At the 2015 MIS.M Maritime International Showcase Malaysia, the shipyard has been awarded “Maritime Company of the Year (Asia)”

Why buy a Heliotrope?

  • Space
    Unlike many high-performance catamarans, which sacrifice comfort for speed, the Heliotrope range is known for its adept use of space. Every catamaran incorporates Heliotrope’s huge signature flybridge, which is larger than for any comparative category of yacht. Alongside generous cabins and a spacious galley, they have plenty of deck space without compromising performance. Finally, for additional security, Heliotrope catamarans sit high in the water, offering all-round visibility and safe manoeuvring.

  • Grace
    Alongside the superior performance and open space, every model is a statement of Heliotrope’s artistry, featuring a sweeping, contemporary feel. Heliotrope catamarans are customizable. Therefore, you can find a sleek sailing catamaran or a high-performance powercat that suits your unique taste. Thanks to a special feature on their hull design, the swell noise on the exterior of the hulls is greatly reduced, allowing you a comfortable rest and sleep.

  • Pace
    Heliotrope catamarans incorporate fast displacement hulls, which deliver effortless speed, high manoeuvrability, and excellent fuel economy. The advanced vacuum infusion hull construction technique reduces weight without compromising strength. This makes handling easy whether gently sailing the oceans or ramping up the power. With a focus on traditional crafts and high-quality materials, choosing a Heliotrope will give you an exquisite catamaran that will serve you for many rewarding years.

Heliotrope project: Image of Island Spirit 410

Island Spirit 410

The brand new design ISLAND SPIRIT 410 Catamaran is the latest evolution in the award winning range of Island Spirits.

With more than 50 Island Spirit Catamarans launched since 1998, this range of Blue Water Cruisers come with a well deserved thoroughbred pedigree.

The result is a catamaran with a design that suits both the cruising or charter markets and is the ultimate in performance, style, innovation and functionality.

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Image of Heliotrope 48

Heliotrope 48

Amazing space arrangement featuring the largest fly bridge for a boat of its kind in the world. Graced with her elegant Latin design and thanks to her high-speed displacement hull, she grants a vigorous pace.

The Heliotrope 48 Space Grace Pace is a power packed family cruiser that will surprise you at every level.

A full featured power catamaran that makes for a perfect weekender or an open water cruiser. Designed with functionality, safety and comfort in mind you’ll have a yacht that is fully current with the latest technologies available on the market, exceeding her rivals by several years’ innovation and technology.

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Image of Heliotrope 65

Heliotrope 65

Designed for blue water cruising with 3,000 NM range the Heliotrope 65 will top at 22 knots when needed.

Her interior is fully customizable to suit a specific need. Her common areas are surprisingly large (the flybridge measures a stunning 46m²). She will do well as cruising yacht or comfortable live-aboard.

Luxurious accommodation for 8 guests in 4 cabins. There are 4 separate areas for guests’ entertainment as well as plenty of deck space for toys and sports activities.

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Image of Heliotrope 70

Heliotrope 70

The New Heliotrope 70 Open Sky powercat offers a unique combination of space, grace and pace.

The fly bridge alone provides 52m² of entertainment space, which can be open or enclosed and a roof top that can open to the sky.

Her exterior is contemporary and gracious. She blends easily with her surroundings – be it a marina, a remote anchorage or close to your favourite beach club.

The accommodation is very spacious with two decks providing different areas to socialize and chill out with comfortable seating, sun beds and a barbecue area.

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