Space, Grace, Pace

The Heliotrope 48 powercat presents an amazing space arrangement. In fact, she features the largest fly bridge for a boat of its kind in the world. Due to her elegant Latin design and thanks to her high-speed displacement hull, she grants a vigorous pace.

Therefore, the Heliotrope 48 “Space Grace Pace” is a power packed family cruiser that will surprise you at every level.

In summary, a full-featured power catamaran that makes a perfect weekender or an open water cruiser. The Heliotrope 48 has a design that boasts functionality, safety and comfort. You’ll have a yacht that is fully modern with the latest technologies available on the market. She surpasses her rivals by several years’ innovation and technology.

Why is the Heliotrope 48 powercat the revolution in the cats market?

  • She is very new design based upon the very latest in international design,
  • The build of the hull is firmly based upon efficiencies of production boat build. But uniquely there is room in each boat for a good degree of customisation.
  • We have a free trade agreement between Thailand and Australia, this offers a boat in our market with European design and management, with cost effective build by very qualified tradespeople in Thailand
  • A larger than expected vessel, with good delivery times and compliance.
  • The yard owners offers real Swiss manufacturing standard, with South African catamaran boat building know-how.
  • Overall, she is a fast and easily driven yacht with huge bridge deck clearance and true Ocean going capability.
  • Designed to have an extremely spacious and comfortable flybridge. The fly area is over 21 Square metres
  • The extremely scientific approach to build offers an infused hull deck and bulkheads making her extremely strong and yet light. A fully equipped H48 can weigh just 12 tons.
  • Good and moderate draft – easier to find a space in a Marina, and also allows you to reach shallow areas.
  • Solar panels compatibility is synonymous with the Heliotrope technology. Capable to produce 4Kw, meaning you don’t even need a generator to heat your water, to do induction cooking or for fridges and electronics.
  • Prototype H48 tested for 8 months, so they really know the boat, and adapted many useful changes in the full; production “run”.
  • Best efficiency and best adaptability in the  market (BakriCono has the technological expertise to adapt for different  accreditation societies around the world)
  • The hull is vacuum infused in one piece. The other parts of the boat such as walls etc are also vacuum infused. This building process benefits your quality, budget and longevity.


Given the above points, the Heliotrope 48 powercat is truly a revolutionary catamaran. As a matter of fact, she is destined to become the benchmark for boats in this class. With true AMSA, CE, and Lloyds approvals all proven to be available. But finally, she is modern sleek and stylish. A revolutionary Power cat within your grasp!!

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Boat Specs

Overall Length14.75 m / 48.39 ft
Beam7.23 m / 23.72 ft
Draught6.56 m / 21.52 ft
Displacement (LDC)24,000 kg
Naval ArchitectAlbatross Marine Design

5 reasons to buy the Heliotrope 48

  • Available in semi and total custom
  • Innovative construction technologies
  • Efficient solar panels
  • Great value for your money
  • Smart use of space

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